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The following tabs report data for the uppermost soil horizon. These data may be useful for determining whether biochar application would be beneficial. To view soils data, click a polygon on the map, or enter an address in the search box.
Dominant Soil Series
Map Unit Name
Series Name
Taxonomic Class
Geomorphic Description
Horizon Name
Horizon Thickness
Physical Properties Value Units Description
Sand % Mineral particles 0.05mm to 2.0mm in equivalent diameter as a weight percentage.
Silt % Mineral particles 0.002 to 0.05mm in equivalent diameter as a weight percentage.
Clay % Mineral particles less than 0.002mm in equivalent diameter as a weight percentage.
Organic Matter % The amount by weight of decomposed plant and animal residue expressed as a weight percentage.
Bulk Density g/cm^3 The oven dry weight of soil material per unit volume, excluding gravel and rocks larger than 2mm diameter
Moisture Properties Value Units Description
Saturated conductivity (Ksat) um/s The amount of water that would move vertically through a unit area of saturated soil in unit time under unit hydraulic gradient.
Water content at field capacity vol water/vol soil The volumetric content of soil water retained at a tension of 1/3 bar (33 kPa).
Water content at permanent wilting point vol water/vol soil The volumetric content of soil water retained at a tension of 15 bar (1500 kPa).
Plant-available water content: vol water/vol soil The amount of water that an increment of soil depth, inclusive of fragments, can store that is available to plants. AWC is commonly estimated as the difference between the water contents at field capacity and permanent wilting point tension, adjusted for salinity and fragments.
Fertility Properties Value Units Description
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) meq-charge/kg soil The amount of readily exchangeable cations that can be electrically adsorbed to negative charges in the soil, soil constituent, or other material, at pH 7.0, as estimated by the ammonium acetate method.
Extractable P ppm The amount of phosphorous that is extractable using the Bray1 method. It represents the plant available phosphorous content.
Total P % mass The estimate of the total phosphorous content of the soil, reported as a gravimetric percent.
Acidity Properties Value Units Description
Calcium carbonate content % The quantity of Carbonate (CO3) in the soil expressed as CaCO3 and as a weight percentage.
Salinity Properties Value Units Description
Sodium absorption ratio ratio (unitless) A measure of the amount of Sodium (Na) relative to Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) in the water extract from saturated soil paste. This is used to diagnose whether saline soils suffer from sodic properties.
Electrical conductivity dS/cm The electrical conductivity of an extract from saturated soil paste.

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